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Does your home require experienced interior or exterior painting services? American Painting and Decorating has served customers in the Greater Philadelphia Area for over three decades. You can count on our highly skilled team to supply the type of specialized painting assistance required for projects large and small. Contact us when you are seeking the services of an expert licensed and insured painting contractor.


Painting a house, condo, or an apartment cost-effectively and safely demands the skills of expert painters. We offer some important advantages. Consider some excellent reasons to hire American Painting and Decorating for your job:

  • We know the properties and characteristics of various brands of paints and industrial specialty coatings and how to apply them to various substrates.
  • We have invested in the equipment and supplies required to perform optimally.
  • We are continually learning about new products and techniques in the industry.
  • We communicate well with the project manager on site. Furthermore, if we detect problems involving painting specifications at a job site, we will alert your project manager to key issues promptly.
  • Our firm has obtained accreditation and awards from the Painting Contractors of America (PCA).
  • We are able to work in challenging and physically demanding environments.
  • We strictly follow OSHA safety standards.

Many painting contractors only know how to serve new construction or residential markets in this part of Pennsylvania. American Painting and Decorating, however, offers a full range of services including experienced interior and exterior painting. Depend on us to paint building interiors and exteriors as well as specialized facilities and operational assets.
This field demands both care and skill. When you select a contractor to paint your home you want to ensure you have chosen a firm capable of adhering to OSHA safety regulations and high-performance standards. We do! Our personnel know the correct procedures to follow to apply a variety of different types and brands of paints and specialty coatings. We will work closely with you to help ensure these applications meet your enterprise goals and needs effectively.

Experience: By choosing an experienced licensed and insured painting company to apply paints and coatings, you benefit from a contractor’s familiarity with different substrates, paints, specialized coatings, and tools. Our team does not need to satisfy a learning curve in order to complete projects for you efficiently and accurately. We stand behind our work to offer guaranteed satisfaction!

A Local Business: We possess intimate familiarity with Philadelphia and the surrounding regions. Our company’s superb reputation in this industry speaks for itself! Our satisfied customers do not wonder where to go for their next residential painting project. They know they can obtain expert assistance by relying on American Painting and Decorating for all their painting requirements.

High Standards: Selecting a painting company that adheres to high industry standards also offers important advantages. Building managers understand that the application of paint and other coatings in an industrial or manufacturing setting poses significant safety risks unless performed correctly. When you choose us as your designated contractor, you will gain the assurance that we require our personnel to adhere to robust safety and quality protocols. We won’t endanger your employees or your facilities by cutting corners.


Cabinet Painting

A complete kitchen remodel is very expensive, despite what the contractors on HGTV would have us believe. New cabinets, flooring, plumbing, appliances, electrical work, countertops, and backsplashes add up quickly. If your kitchen has a functional layout and the cabinets are in good condition, consider painting them to provide a new look and life to your kitchen. We prep, prime, and spray so that they appear to be factory finished. In fact, many people tell us they feel like they have a totally new kitchen at a fraction of the price! We also assist you with new countertops, flooring, and carpentry so you can work with one contractor for your update or remodel instead of several. Let the professionals handle all the details!

Call American Painting and Decorating for a consultation to discuss all your cabinet painting needs including built-ins, bathroom cabinetry, wainscot, and kitchen cabinets.

Wallpaper Installation

The use of wallpaper allows you to create countless looks for offices, homes, facilities, churches, hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, and more. Choices range from rich solid saturated colors and textures unobtainable with paint to high-end modern, rustic, and traditional prints and effects. Nothing adds immediate character and mood to a space like wallpaper.

While modern wallpaper is available in a dizzying array of designs and colors, applying this material correctly to corridor and room walls and ceilings does require talent. Properly installing wallpaper demands meticulous attention to size and measurement specifications. Incorrectly applied wallpaper will not adhere to a wall or ceiling and will be an eyesore instead of a statement. Mistakes include bumps, blisters, uneven surfaces, and incorrectly hung or jarring aesthetic effects when a careless applicator fails to line up wallpaper patterns seamlessly.

One factor which contributes to the complexity of wallpaper hanging relates to the irregular physical contours of some structures receiving the paper. Often the most interesting and beautiful buildings include irregularly shaped or unexpected alcoves, nooks, lofts, closets, or arched or buttressed ceilings and windows. These architectural attributes contribute visual interest but they increase the practical challenges of interior decorating! Additionally, cutting and coating wallpaper to adhere to certain textured surfaces necessitates precision and the careful application of adhesives. If you are seeking wallpaper installation services for your home or business in the Philadelphia and surrounding area, you owe it to yourself to choose expert wallpaper installation services in order to obtain the best results.

Our firm has served residents of the Greater Philadelphia Area for over 30 years. We specialize in commercial painting and wallpaper services. As an accredited and award-winning contractor for the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA), we have established a proven track record of success in this field. You can rely on the skill of our experienced wallpaper hangers. We strive to complete projects on time and within budget!

  • We offer both wallpaper removal, wallpaper hanging, and painting services
  • We offer drywall installation and repair
  • We offer licensed interior designer services to assist you with selections
  • We offer floor coverings and window coverings for one-stop shop remodeling/redecorating
  • Our team possesses experience working with a variety of different brands and styles of wallpapers and adhesives in many different contexts and settings
  • We have invested in cutting edge tools and equipment to make wallpaper hanging projects proceed more quickly and easily
  • Our wallpaper hangers comply fully with applicable OSHA safety and health regulations
  • We can hang wallpaper with lifts on very tall or multi-story walls.
  • We always clean up the work site after completing a project
  • Our company will work closely with you to ensure our activities do not disrupt your business schedule or inconvenience your customers
  • We believe our competitive rates and excellent service will delight you!

Do you have a large or small wallpaper project to complete or do you anticipate one soon? We appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our company’s capabilities. You can order installation services now or ask us to submit bids for the provision of commercial services. We welcome the opportunity to work on projects of every size, including large scale assignments (new real estate developments, university dormitories, institutions, and residential living centers).

Today, the marketplace for skilled wallpaper hanging services in Philadelphia demands well qualified, knowledgeable contractors. Wallpaper hanging is becoming a lost art in America. We employ some of the most talented and experienced wallpaper hangers available. Contact American Painting and Decorating for personalized assistance now. We look forward to working with you!

Wallpaper Removal

Many people try to remove wallpaper themselves only to realize the job is often much more difficult and involved than planned. In the process, walls can be damaged requiring the extra step of spackle and repair. Here are just a few reasons to trust American Painting and Decorating with your next large or small wallpaper project instead.

Our team of professionals works efficiently to take down your old wall covering and clean up the mess so you will not have to worry about looking at old peeling wallpaper any longer than necessary. You can spend your time doing other things and leave the mess to us.

We know how to remove old and worn wallpaper so that wall damage is minimized. Additionally, we will repair the wall if any damage does occur during the removal process.

Not only do we prevent wall damage, but we also ensure that your walls are properly prepared for the next stage. This means a more professional looking finish. We will sand, patch, and prime the wall to ensure the area is smooth and free of imperfections.
You might be thinking that tearing down your old wallpaper is an unnecessary step. After all, you can just paint or cover it, right? The truth is that removing wallpaper is in fact necessary regardless of whether you would like to paint or install new coverings. You will most likely notice seams or other imperfections unless you completely remove all your old wallpaper.

We will take care of cleaning up all the dust and debris that results from wallpaper removal. We will also protect surrounding walls, floors, and furniture from dust and debris by hanging plastic and draping furniture and other items.

Hiring American Painting and Decorating to remove your wallpaper as opposed to doing it yourself will result in potential savings including:

  • Avoiding the need to rent or purchase equipment
  • Preventing damage to your walls
  • Reducing the possibility of injury working with ladders, chemicals, and scrapers.

We will set up the site to protect your building, office, or home from dust and debris. We will remove all old wallpaper when finished. While working, we will respect your home or business and will strive to minimize the inconvenience to you. We want you to be fully satisfied so that you will feel confident when recommending our company to friends and family members.

With American Painting and Decorating, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are a licensed and insured contractor in the suburban and Philadelphia area who are eager to meet your needs. Contact us today for a free no-obligation estimate.


Drywall Installation

If you’ve searched recently for experienced drywall installation services, you’ll appreciate American Painting and Decorating. Our local commercial painting company also furnishes skilled assistance installing (or replacing) drywall. We serve customers across Philadelphia, PA.

Whether you own a shopping mall, an apartment complex, or a property management firm, we think you’ll appreciate our commitment to furnishing excellent service at remarkably affordable prices! We’ve assisted enterprises in the Greater Philadelphia Area for some 30 years by applying commercial and industrial paints and coatings. Our company enjoys the distinction of serving as an Accredited Contractor with the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (the PDCA). We frequently fulfill contracts in challenging environments, e.g. by working at heights.

Customers who request our services enjoy convenient access to a variety of important decorating skills. For example, our team offers knowledgeable drywall installation services to assist with the rehabilitation and refurbishment of commercial buildings undergoing renovation and repainting. Instead of incurring the expense and delay of hiring separate contractors to undertake a series of individual projects (i.e. performing drywall installation and painting), customers count on us to furnish comprehensive interior decorating services cost-effectively. We possess the capabilities to perform several different tasks necessary to complete a successful renovation.

Today, the installation of drywall occurs with some frequency in commercial settings. Renovating a leased space to accommodate subtenants or refinishing the premises in a way suitable for new occupants, often requires modifying interior walls. Depend on American Painting and Decorating to perform this task for you rapidly and efficiently. We enjoy useful experiences in this field.

Our assistance enables business enterprises and property management firms to optimize the use of commercial real estate. We know how to install drywall to subdivide offices or to create utility rooms and storage spaces. This versatile building material supplies an excellent way to customize retail locations to suit the unique needs of different tenants, for example. Ask us to help you transform a large shop floor into a series of smaller offices. Or depend on us to assist a tenant by creating a waiting room or a lobby quickly with the addition of new drywall. We possess all the skills required to measure, cut, and install drywall additions for commercial uses.

The installation of drywall also assists property owners and management companies in creating updated, welcoming apartments, condos, dormitories, and residential living centers. Adding drywall may enable you to increase the number of available bedrooms or to refurbish an unfinished basement or attic in a Philadelphia house into a guest apartment. When you require drywall services, we hope you’ll select American Painting and Decorating as your contractor.
Our knowledge of the properties of drywall enables us to solve a variety of problems for customers. We’ve invested in specialized tools to facilitate the cutting, placement, installation, and finishing of these materials. Our personnel understand the best way to apply various finishes on drywall surfaces. We help customers create many different wall and ceiling textures. Just consider a few of the measures we routinely undertake for customers seeking residential drywall services:

  • Precise measurement
  • Drywall cutting
  • Drywall placement
  • Rough framing of drywall surfaces
  • Drywall seam taping
  • Drywall finishing (including the application of paints and/or wallpaper)
  • Drywall repairs

We welcome the opportunity to meet with prospective customers to discuss our installation services in greater detail. Our team offers a great resource for anyone considering utilizing drywall for new construction or during the renovation and refurbishment of existing real estate. Frequently, customers benefit from delegating drywall services to contractors such as American Painting and Decorating. Our licensed and fully insured firm possesses the capabilities to complete drywall projects from start to finish. Whether you seek a contractor to perform initial measurements or to finalize finishing with application of paints or wallpaper, we’ll supply the necessary construction and decorating expertise.

Do you seek the installation of drywall in a commercial business or residential setting soon? Go ahead and ask American Painting and Decorating to furnish this assistance in the Philadelphia area now. We guarantee you total satisfaction! (We also appreciate invitations to submit competitive bids for larger drywall projects.)

Pressure Washing

Did you know American Painting and Decorating provides expert industrial, commercial, and residential pressure washing services? Our company, an approved PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) contractor, uses state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Call us to remove various finishes from brick, concrete, metal, wood, plastic, or stone surfaces quickly utilizing pressurized power washing technology.

For the application of paint, protective specialized coatings, and sealants. In addition, pressure washing removes embedded dirt, grease deposits, and sticky residues from sidewalks, driveways, streets, fences, and parking garages to name just a few. Pressure washing is an efficient way to clean industrial tanks and containers. It will remove mud and gravel from transportation equipment and protect industrial-grade machinery from the corrosive impacts of de-icing chemicals. Pressure washing can be the treatment of choice to simply reverse the effects of dulling dirt and grime on buildings which results from weather and air pollution.

Pressure washing will rapidly and efficiently remove unwanted dirt, stains, peeling paint, and other substances from a surface. Water emitted under controlled pressure can clean as effectively as a sandblaster. Whether you seek a contractor to prepare a concrete floor for the application of new protective coatings or would like to clean mud or chemical residues from vehicles or tanks in your industrial fleet quickly and effectively, we guarantee your satisfaction!

A great reason to hire American Painting and Decorating for this project is because of our successful track record as the go-to commercial painter in the Philadelphia and surrounding area. We have conducted business here for over three decades and have a great working relationship with countless companies and community leaders. As experts in painting and the application of specialized industrial coatings, our technicians are trained in the latest pressure washing skills to serve our commercial and industrial customers. Here are just a few reasons to choose American Painting and Decorating for your next pressure washing project:

  • Our insured and licensed firm promises complete customer satisfaction
  • We possess experience working in challenging environments
  • Our company strives to maintain an excellent safety record
  • We’ve invested in high-quality pressure washing tools and equipment
  • We furnish pressure washing services throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area
  • Our convenient service will enhance your next painting or cleaning project
  • We supply EPA-required pressure wastewater cleanup services after completing pressure washing assignment

Call on American Painting & Decorating to visit your site and provide either a one-time or ongoing maintenance bid for pressure washing. Our competitive rates enable us to furnish very cost-efficient help to businesses in the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. We look forward to developing a long working relationship with you!

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