How to Prepare Your Office for a Professional Painting Job

Is your office due for a visit from a professional office painting service? If so, there are a few important things to take care of before your commercial painting contractor arrives.

By checking these items off your to-do list, you will make the job a quick and easy one for the painters. This will also ensure that you are completely satisfied with the service you receive. Here is a handy list of the most important things you need to do to prepare your office for a professional painting job.

Make Sure Your Office Walls Are Fully Prepared

Before you hire a professional office painting service, it’s a good idea to make sure that your walls are fully prepared for the work. There may be a number of preliminary details that you can easily take care of on your own before the work begins.

For example, it will most likely be your responsibility to make sure that all of the surfaces on your walls have been completely cleaned and dried. A professional provider of office painting services will want to have a completely clean and smooth wall to start work on. The cleaner you get your walls, the less time and effort the job will take and the less you will have to spend for these services.

Remove All of Your Wall Hangings

Every office has its share of wall hanging decorations. These may include photos, awards, diplomas, and a wide variety of other items. They all need to come down before you contact your interior office painter to let them start the job. The last thing you need is to have valuable keepsakes ruined with paint, so make sure they are all safely packed away before the work begins.

Get All Your Knick-Knacks Out of the Office

The next thing to do is get all of your miscellaneous knick-knacks and tchotchkes out of the office. You don’t want your prized baseball or Norman Rockwell figurines getting covered up by paint. Pack them away safely along with your wall hangings so that they will be safe when the time comes due for your professional office painting appointment.

Keep Your Office Free From Obstacles

Make sure there are no obstacles blocking the easy access of the workers you have hired to perform office painting services. If you have any extra chairs or other bric-a-brac that is occupying unnecessary space in your office, send it to storage. The faster your interior office painter can access your offices, the sooner the job will be done.

Take Care of Your Curtains, Rugs, and Office Furniture

If you have curtains, rugs, or bits of furniture that are taking up space in your office, make sure they are all removed. These are stumbling blocks that can cause painters to make mistakes that will be costly and time consuming to correct.

Remember that paint is easy to spill and not particularly choosy about where it may end up. This is the kind of extra aggravation that adds to your ultimate bill. Anything that looks like a serious risk for paint spillage is a potential hazard that needs to be shown the door.

Vacuum and Mop Your Office

A clean office is one that can easily be painted. Why not make sure that your office is fully spic and span when your commercial painting contractor shows up? It’s an easy task to vacuum and mop your office so that everything is bright and shiny when the workers arrive. After all, you want your office to look its best at all times.

There is also another reason why you need to make sure your room is as dust-free as possible. You don’t want the motion of painting to kick up dust that can then settle on your new paint job before it dries. You are already spending a considerable amount of money on the job. The last thing you need is for your new office paint job to be ruined before the work is even finished.

Get Everything and Everyone Out of the Area

An office painter needs time and space to get the job done correctly. This is not a task that can be completed in the space of five minutes. The more obstacles, dust, and random people they have to tiptoe around, the longer the job will take – and the more it will end up costing you.

It’s a very good idea to vacate the area as completely as possible so that your team of office painters can work quickly and efficiently. The trick here is to give them an office that is as completely empty as you can get it. It may even be best for you to schedule the painting job on a weekend when none of your workers will be in the office.

Make Your Appointment in Advance

A complete office repainting job is the kind of appointment that needs to be made as far in advance as possible. This way your painters will know exactly what needs to be done as well as the best time to do it. You will have a clear idea of how long the job will take and how much it will ultimately cost.

Making your appointment for office painting in advance will also give you the best idea of what you will need to do to get the area ready for the job. The more you do to prepare, the smoother the work will proceed.

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