Why You Should Have Your Business Power Washed in Philadelphia

As a business owner, you likely understand how important first impressions are. On the customer side of the spectrum, you want to make sure that your business is attractive. After all, customers first base everything on what they see. If they are pleased by the exterior of your business, then at least they will walk inside and see what you have to offer. Once you’ve gotten them inside, the chances of their doing business with you increases.

There is also the sphere of a potential partner and investors to consider. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your business is always looking fresh, new, and as though it is easily bringing in revenue. This is in the event that an investor or potential partner drives by. These individuals could be considering a new business to invest in or to partner up with. If your building doesn’t look as though it has enough money to keep up with its appearances, then you might miss out on landing that investor or partnership.

Clearly, first impressions are important, and all begin with the exterior of your building. This is why you should take great care in deciding who you should allow to pressure wash your business. In this article, we will discuss the other important reasons why pressure washing your business can increase your profits as well as why our company should be the one you hire.

Power Washing Can Keep Your Professional Appearance

In Philadelphia PA, businesses see no shortage of bad weather that wreaks havoc on the exterior of homes and businesses alike. Even something as simple as a summer’s day can cause dust to float on the wind and attach itself to the exterior of your business. Essentially, because it is outside, your building is going to be dirty. If left too long without a proper clean, your business can start to appear unprofessional. Some customers might not even distinguish it if it rests beside businesses that are properly cleaned and look practically new.

This is why power washing can essentially transform your drab looking building to a brand new one. The power of the water can get into every crevice and blast away dirt, grime, and other build-up. This can leave the brick or siding or other exterior material fresh-looking. With a professional appearance that looks brand new, you’re sure to entice customers and investors to your door.

Bird Dropping Removal with Pressure Washing

Another part of power washing services that you may not have considered before is that it can effectively remove all of those bird droppings that plague the side of your building. Birds like to perch, and an unfortunate part of that perching is that they relieve themselves on whatever rests below them. You wouldn’t want to walk near a building that is covered in bird waste, would you? Then you can understand why customers wouldn’t want to either.

By leaving your buildings trapped beneath all of that bird waste, it makes your business appear as though you don’t care about it. If you don’t care about your business, then why should customers think that you care about them? You can alleviate these concerns and thoughts by simply having us perform a power washing treatment that can remove bird waste. Your building will look considerably more attractive when not covered with guck.

Mold and Mildew Can be Removed with Power Washing

Another element of power washing that our company can provide is the removal of mold and mildew. In Philadelphia, we see a regular change of seasons. Lots of rain and then sunlight can lead to rapid growth in mold. The exterior of your business won’t be spared simply because it is a business and not a home. Green patches growing on the side of your building can be quite unsightly. For those who have allergies, going near the business may prove too much of a concern for them.

Let’s not forget, too, that mold loves to spread. Once it is attached to the exterior of your business, it can rapidly spread inside. All it needs is a little bit of wind. It can release its spores which can float on the wind and settle inside of your business. The next thing you know, you have mold growing inside of your business, too. This can greatly affect the health of your customers and employees. Mold spores can enter the lungs and cause upper respiratory problems. The last thing you want is someone filing a health complaint against your business.

Mold can also damage the building. If it becomes attached to the wooden structures responsible for holding your business up, it can slowly begin to rot the wood away since it is a food source. The building could become inhabitable, and you may either need to pay a lot of money to have it fixed or look for a new building to do business in.

Either way, mold and mildew can become a giant headache if left untreated. Our power cleaning treatment can remove that mold from your building before it becomes a problem.

Pressure Wash Allergens Away

This also brings up the point of allergens. In the spring, especially, there is no shortage of allergens being sent around through the wind. These allergens can attach to the exterior of your home and lay in wait for those who suffer from particular allergies. Your employees may suffer which can greatly decrease their productivity. You might suffer as well.

For those customers who have a particular sensitivity to allergens, they may not be able to ever access your business because they’re having such an unpleasant time even getting to the door. An easy way to make sure that your employees are comfortable and to prevent any unpleasant consequences of your customers visiting your business is to have our power cleaning company clear those allergens right off. Typically, it is best recommended to have the exterior of your business power washed after pollen season.

Choose Us for Your Power Washing Services

Now that you understand how important it is to have your business power washed, it is also important to know why you should select American Painting and Decorating as your power cleaning company. For one, we’ve been in business for over two decades and since then have acquired incredible amounts of experience. This experience is yours to benefit from.

After all, you don’t want to hire inexperienced power washing companies because of the simple nature that is power washing. In inexperienced hands, power washing can be dangerous. Damage can be performed both to the side of the building and the windows and doors. Injuries can occur that you may be filed for.

With an experienced team performing the cleaning, however, such as with our company, we can ensure that your business is left looking brilliant and new rather than damaged and poorly washed. The experience makes the difference. We also know the proper schedule for how often certain exterior materials need to be washed. For example, if your business has siding, then we can set you up with a semi-annual cleaning service because siding only typically needs to be cleaned twice a year. In addition, we are also licensed and insured, which cannot always be found with other companies. We also place an emphasis on customer satisfaction. It’s our guarantee that you will be well satisfied.

You should take the exterior appearance of your business seriously. With American Painting and Decorating, we’ll ensure your business looks fantastic.

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